Knowledge Base

  1. Company News 

    1. About the LogMeIn and GoTo Merger
  2. Getting Started 

    1. What is Meldium?
    2. What is automatic login? What's the browser extension?
    3. How do I add an account?
  3. Adding Accounts 

    1. Add a personal account
    2. Add a shared account
    3. Custom accounts for apps not in the Meldium catalog
    4. Working with integrated (provisioned) accounts
    5. Enable provisioning for Google Apps
  4. Editing Accounts 

    1. Remove an account
    2. Change login credentials for an account
    3. Allow others to request access to accounts
    4. Prevent members from requesting access to accounts
    5. Change the display name for an account on your Launchpad
  5. Adding Users 

    1. Add a member to your Meldium organization
    2. Add a member to a shared account
    3. Make a member an administrator
  6. Removing Users 

    1. Remove a user from your Meldium team
    2. Remove a user from a shared account
    3. De-provision a team member's account
    4. Revoke a user's administrator privileges
  7. Settings 

    1. Change your Meldium username or password
    2. What are the different Meldium pricing plans?
    3. How do I check and change my pricing plan?
    4. How do I change my billing information?
    5. What is account provisioning?
  8. Security 

    1. Meldium Security FAQ
    2. How does Meldium protect me against internal company threats?
  9. Troubleshooting 

    1. Automatic login isn't working! What can I do?
    2. Safari: Removing the plugin
  10. All articles 

    1. Meldium Security FAQ
    2. What is Meldium?
    3. Change your Meldium username or password
    4. Add a personal account
    5. Add a member to your Meldium organization

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