How does Meldium protect me against internal company threats?

The way sharing is set up in Meldium allows you to provide access to team accounts without ever sharing the actual password.  If your company uses a particular service that everyone needs access to (eg. a shared twitter account) you have to find a way to allow everyone to log into it.  Many companies share this information by emailing the account credentials around the office or saving them in a shared excel document.  When you share access through Meldium, you allow your teammate to log into that particular site on the server side automatically.  The credentials are never sent through the browser in plaintext (which would allow a user with some technical savvy to retrieve the password).  This way, if the employee ever leaves the company there is no way for him/her to log into the service and cause damage because they will not have ever seen the actual password.  In the same way, your employees will be protected from phishing scams that collect usernames and passwords on 'look-alike' websites.  Your employees won't be able to enter sensitive information on these rogue sites because they will never have seen the passwords in the first place.

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