Automatic login isn't working! What can I do?


Login fails when you click an account on your launchpad.

Things to check

Check your saved account credentials 

If the username and password for an account that you store in Meldium has recently been changed, you must update the information in Meldium to enable automatic login. This can occur if you reset your password through a web application’s login page. If you have forgotten your password, most websites will send a temporary password to your email address if you click the "Forgot Password?" link. Make sure you update all of your login credentials in Meldium as you change them within apps and services themselves.

Confirm that the account has been activated

Some applications require you to activate your account before allowing you to log in. To activate your account, check your inbox for the email address associated with your Meldium account, and open all of the emails you have received from the relevant application. Find and click on the activation link. 

Confirm that you do not need to change a default password.

Some applications require you to change your password before logging if for the first time, commonly when another person created the account for you. When you click on the app in your Meldium launchpad, you will be brought to a page asking you for your old password as well as a new password. 

To retrieve your old password, find the app in your Meldium launchpad, click the ellipsis (“…”) on the right side of the button. A right side panel should appear. Click ‘Show’ next to the password. Remember or copy it.

Return to the application's reset password form and paste or type the old password, then choose a new password and submit the form. In order to use automatic login for this application in the future, you must update your password in Meldium to the password you just created.


If none of the above solve your problem, contact the Meldium team for assistance.

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