What is account provisioning?

Account provisioning helps you eliminate the hassle of setting up individuals with web applications they need when joining your team or company. It also provides a solution for easily removing access when required. With account provisioning, administrators can create and destroy users' accounts from the Meldium platform in just a few clicks. 

When adding a new user to a team, the administrator can simply check a box next to each web application for which they would like to create a new account. The accounts are set up automatically and appear in the new user's Launchpad immediately. Similarly, when an administrator removes a user from a Meldium team, all of the team service accounts associated with that user are automatically deactivated. With account provisioning, administrators can also add and remove individual accounts for existing team members as necessary.

Account provisioning is a powerful team service feature available to Meldium users with a Premium or Professional pricing plan

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