Add a personal account

A personal account is an account for an app or service that you maintain with your own individual username and password. Examples might include your personal gmail, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. When you add a personal account the automatic login feature allows you to bypass the hassle of remembering your password.

Hint: The opposite of a personal account is a shared account, which is means that multiple members of a team have access.

Add a personal account via the Meldium website 
  1. On your Meldium Launchpad, click the large green Add Account button.
    A side panel is displayed. 
  2. Type the name of the account you want to add (for example, Twitter, Dropbox, Wordpress, etc).
    If the application you are trying to add is not in our catalog, Meldium prompts you to add it as a custom application. 
  3. Enter the login details (username/email and password). 
  4. Click Confirm.

You can also import multiple usernames and passwords to Meldium at once via a CSV file.

Via the Meldium browser extension –

With the extension installed, simply navigate to the web application you would like to store in Meldium. Sign in as you normally would. The browser extension will prompt you to save these credentials to Meldium. Click the large green ‘Add’ button to do so.

This account will now be populated in your Meldium Launchpad.

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